2021, Solo exhibition, Osmo/Za, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2018, Group exhibition, MAST module at MITI, Funchal, Madeira 




New media audio-spatial installation Con·d/s·ense is a part of Godec’s ongoing series of installations that are addressing issues of anthropogenic impacts on aquatic ecosystems by turning to direct action. The artist built a special device, which combines water acquisition and sonification of water, and at the same time, it adds time dimension to a viewer’s experience. The inspiration for this installation derives from the traditional Japanese ornamental sound device Suikinkutsu, which embodies the philosophy of observing delicate or imperceptible sounds of nature. The sound produced by the installation helps a viewer to sharpen his or her senses and to notice almost invisible beauty of nature, such as the sound of the wind, insects, falling leaves or water droplets. With his installation, Godec sets subtle natural sounds within the context of new media art and water environmentalism, while he attempts to transcend a viewer to a higher level of awareness.

The installation uses thermoelectric generator or Peltier junction to obtain water from the air, while using condensation principles to create purified water. Condensation is a physical change in the state of matter of a substance, in this case water. Water droplets are being condensed on the cold bottom of the aluminium cone and at the tip of the cone, a drop is formed. When the droplet gets big enough, it drops into a bowl-like pot that resonates the sound of a fallen drop.

CON·D/S·ENSE (Condsense) by Miha Godec
CON·D/S·ENSE (Condsense) by Miha Godec

Year: 2021

Technical and development support: Ahac Krašovec, Martin Konic

Production: Artevida

Co – Producers: Osmo/za (konzorcij Društvo Ljudmila, Zavod Delak

in Zavod Projekt Atol), Interactive Technology Institute MITI, Zavod Kersnikova,

MAST, The School of Arts University of Nova Gorica

Supported by:
Municipality of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia