Palingenesis 2.0


2019, Solo exhibition, MGLC Svicerija Ljubljana, Slovenia


Kinetic audio-visual installation titled Palingenesis 2.0 showcases one of the ways to purify polluted water which is a pressing issue in many parts of the world. In the installation water is the central medium with which Godec try to create a meditative space in which the visitors can listen to the sound of water being purified. The title of the work Palingenesis refers to the idea of re-birth or processing, which is mentioned in various philosophical, theological, political and biological contexts. The dirty water becomes clear and drinkable again. Godec has explored the issue of drinkable water in various countries, such as Indonesia, Gambia, Costa Rica and Senegal, where he studied the technical solutions for the simple and inexpensive production of the mentioned water installation. The ambient score of the installation which is produced by Laren Polič Zdravič is based on a combination of field recordings from different environments. Unique water tones and sound rhythms attempt to transcend a viewer to a higher level of relaxation and serenity.

The kinetic sound sculpture works on a basic sand and active charcoal filtration system but in comparison with a previously built filter, this one also includes a special filter that can filter 0,02 microns and in effect can filter 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. In theory, you could filter a local river or a water source to a point where it’s safe to drink it. The installation is equipped with two microphones that record the sound of droplets passing through the filter. Randomly falling droplets create recognisable sound patterns that mimic a human heartbeat. Godec extendedly researches the problems surrounding water in developed and in third-world countries. Some of them he also visited and is looking for technical DIY solutions and how to showcase its natural purification properties through artistic endeavours. The installation also aims to raise awareness about the global scarcity of drinkable water and the emerging technologies offering potential solutions for future survival needs. Simultaneously, it instills hope, suggesting that science and knowledge might be our salvation.

Palingeneza 2.0 by Miha Godec
Palingeneza 2.0 by Miha Godec

Year: 2019

Sound: Laren Polič Zdravič

Technical and development support: Matic Potocnik, Simon Streljaj

Production: Artevida

Co – Producers: Zavod Kersnikova, UR Institute

Supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana