Roscoff I/O


2023-24, Group exhibition, So_obstoj, City Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia


Roscoffensis I/O is a bio-art installation involving living organisms. The project looks in detail at the complex relationship and symbiosis between plants and animals, focusing in particular on the unique organisms with the Latin name Symsagittifera roscoffensis, which are small green flatworms about 15 millimetres long. They are basically animal organisms (worms), but in their initial developmental stage, they develop a symbiosis with the alga Tetraselmis convolutae, which they assimilate into their epidermis, thus becoming a plant-animal organism. This is a model for understanding the wider biological interactions and delicate balances that exist in nature. A self-sufficient organism can carry out photosynthesis with the algae and thus thrive in a closed biosphere, generating excess oxygen and opening up possibilities for space exploration.

Our planet is a vast, complex and dynamic ecosystem, constantly changing due to a variety of internal and external factors. But there are similarities between a closed biosphere and the planet: as in a closed biosphere, all living and non-living elements on Earth are interconnected and interact with each other. Godec wants this project to remind the viewer that nothing in the universe is completely independent and that each entity is part of a wider web of constant interconnectedness.

Roscoff IO_T1A6816-Phtoto Miha Godec

Year: 2023

Technical and development support: David Drolc, Roman B.,

Bio consulting: Dr. Xavier Bailly Ph.D, Ewen Chardronnet, Ana Lokovšek (PhD candidate);

Technology:  sensors, microcontrollers, glass, metal;

Production: Artevida

Co-production: City Art Gallery Ljubljana (MGML)

Supported by: Ministry of Culture Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana

Special thanks:Ana Lokovšek Nib and Marine Biology Station Piran