Vodka Roulette


2021, group exhibition, Roboexotica, Ars electronica, Linz, Austria


Vodka roulette is a cocktail robot with a fun drinking twist to an infamous and dangerous game of Russian Roulette. Unlike the original game, here the robot/algorithm decides your fate at the party, whether you will be hydrated or drunk. There is an algorithm deciding your chance of getting vodka or water. In his artistic practice Miha Godec, who works at the intersection of art, science, and new technologies, focuses on the development of new media projects, in which he researches the consequences of anthropogenic impact on aquatic ecosystems. In project Vodka Roulette he is presenting a more playful installation or robot, where water is again the central medium of the installation.

Vodka Roulette by Miha Godec
Vodka Roulette by Miha Godec

Year: 2021

Technical and development support:  Thomas Preindl

Technology: Arduino microcontroller

Production: Artevida

Supported by: Pifcamp and Zavod Kersnikova, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia,