David’s gaze


2020, Group exhibition, Zajčja luknja, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2019, Group exhibition, Speculum artium, Trbovlje, Slovenia
2019, Group exhibition, Zavod Kersnikova, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Michelangelo’s statue of David symbolizes a pivotal moment in the art world. The Renaissance redirected the course of art, inspiring many artists to embrace innovative thinking. David’s gaze, directed towards a much larger adversary believed to easily defeat him, symbolizes not only his triumphant survival but also a beacon of hope for a brighter future.In the “David’s Gaze” project, David’s story holds profound symbolism. It prompts the question: where would David be looking in today’s world, and who would represent the giant? Central to the project is an installation where gallery visitors step onto a pedestal, don David’s head, and experience his perspective through a spatial video. This immersive experience connects to a vision of the future and the influence of modern technology on life. Utilizing AI and brain scanning, each user crafts a distinct virtual reality journey tailored to their neural responses. The visitor, by standing on the pedestal, becomes the symbolic David. 

This installation, blending 3D scanning, design, printing, virtual reality, neural networks, and other technological approaches, offers a fusion of human and artificial intelligence, hinting at a time when technology might achieve human-like creativity and intelligence.

David’s gaze by Miha Godec and Valerie Wolf Gang
David’s gaze by Miha Godec and Valerie Wolf Gang

Authors: Miha Godec in Valerie Wolf Gang

Year: 2019

Technical and development support: Ziga Pavlovic

Technology: AI, 3D printing, Vr, EEG

Production:  UV art house

Co-production: Zavod Kersnikova

Supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana