2022, Solo exhibition, Cirkulacija2, Ljubljana, Slovenija


In the installationIn “D•still,” the age-old process of water distillation, a primary method for obtaining clean, drinkable water, is showcased. Distillation involves a physical process of changing the state of water; the water evaporates into a condensation container, leaving organic molecules and impurities (salts, heavy metals, etc.) in the original container. The project explores the issues of distillation, which is an energy-intensive process. The artist attempts to convey to the viewer the importance of preventive conservation of a clean environment rather than addressing problems later on and questions whether technology can absolve us of responsibility for mistreating the environment and water.

The installation collects data influenced by various atmospheric pressures and sensors, which affects a sound algorithm. Elements of randomness are incorporated into the algorithms through natural physical processes (evaporation and condensation). Subtle sounds produced by the installations help the viewer sharpen their senses and notice the small, invisible beauty of nature. Natural processes, with the aid of sensors, trigger a system of algorithms that create a unique generative sound landscape, with which Godec tries to transcend the viewer into a heightened state of awareness.

D•still by Miha Godec
D•still by Miha Godec

Year: 2022

Curated by: Rea Vogrincic

Technical and development support: David Drolc

Technology: Electrical sound instalation, PureData, Microcontrolers

Supported by:
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana