Ex Nihilo


2023-24, Group exhibition, So_obstoj, City Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia

2022, Groupexhibition, Traceback(), Ecoart,Galerija Y, Ljubljana Slovenija
2022, Group exhibition, Hedonistika festival- Ars Electronica, Linz, Avstrija


In the Ex Nihilo installation, water reappears as a central medium; the author investigates the occurrence of bubbles, their application in industry, acoustic pollution of the oceans and their sound effects on the human body and mind. The kinetic-sound installation is built by specially designed vessels inspired by English ceramic vessels and Peruvian traditional water musical instruments. Tilting the containers causes the water to flow between the chambers, creating a bubbling sound. The special shape of the container causes the air to be trapped in a closed area when it is tilted, and then when it is tilted again, it escapes due to the difference in air pressure, producing a sound. The movement of the sound containers is controlled by a microcontroller, and the soundscape is created by an algorithm that acquires data via the microphone and adjusts the frequency and speed of tilting, which in turn dictates the sound composition.

Flowing water can create a wide range of tones that, like white noise, can calm the mind. The beneficial (calming) effect of white noise on the mind has been scientifically proven, mainly because it contains a wide range of tones that cover or hide other disturbing sounds. The central theme of the project is the idea of ​​the philosophy of observing the delicate or imperceptible sounds of nature. The sound that the installation creates throughout the space helps the viewer to sharpen their senses and notice the almost invisible beauty of nature, the delicate sound of bubbling bubbles. Miha Godec’s installation places subtle sounds of nature in the context of new media art and the environmental issue of water, while he attempts to transcend a viewer to a higher level of awareness.

Ex Nihilo  (Out of nothing) by Miha Godec
Ex Nihilo  (Out of nothing) by Miha Godec

Year: 2022

Technical and development support: Gregor Krpič, Alen Smolič, David Drolc

Technology: Arduino microcontroller, stepper motors, 3d printing

Production: Artevida

Co-Producers: PIFcamp and Zavod Kersnikova

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana