The Flow of Emerald


2021, group exhibition, Speculum Artium, Delavski Dom, Trbovlje


The Flow of Emerald is a 360 virtual reality fully immersive video installation. The viewer is taken on a journey down the stream of one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, the emerald-green river Soča. Amidst Triglav national park, the river is flowing at its own pace and rhythm. With its subtle appreciation of the delicate visual dance of nature the VR film derives inspiration from the eco-cinema genre and tries to build with the new technology and media upon a legacy of Andrej Zdravic’s films.

It takes 138 km for the emerald green river, which flows through western Slovenia and northeastern Italy, to reach the final destination of the Adriatic sea. The river had an important historical, cultural and socioeconomic role in the region. Soča river holds many secrets, has seen many things throughout history and was admired by many artists and poets. Its beauty hides the horrors of World War I and the battles that were fought alongside the river. Even in the present day, the diversity of this aquatic landscape can still be admired from pristine mountain national park protected regions in the upper stream of the river to anthropogenically impacted and modified lower stream. Some areas of the river serve as a warning on how a life-full and energetic river can lose its vitality as a result of human exploitation. The end experience is a poetic journey through the never-seen underwater river landscape.

The flow of emerald by Miha Godec
The flow of emerald by Miha Godec

Year: 2021

Production: Artevida

Technology/technique: 360 VR video 

Supported by: Pifcamp in Delavski dom Trbovlje